If it's not now, when??

2013/05/31(金) 日々のこと

Are you familiar with the mechanism behind the occurrence of ongoing global warming?


It seems that the majority of people have come to recognize now that a vast amount of CO2 emission is the major contributing factor to the rise in global temperature. But not so well as to know that there is a serious consequence to that - this gradual rise in temperature triggers off future catastrophic events with much more impact than we can ever know.


James Hansen, director of the NASA Global Institute for Space Studies, wrote his 1st book entitled 'Storms of my grandchildren'. In the book, after decades of studies and research, he takes a definite stand, not just merely as a scientist in climate change, but also as 'witness' who foresees the imminent climate crisis is its own way. He makes it explicit that if we keep burning fossil fuels, our planet will come to its extinction.....


What do we do about this?


Let's focus on how CO2 is emitted in our daily lives? Gasoline for cars (and energy for car production as well) is ranked at the top, as you can probably guess.....


Can you take another guess?


Let's just say - something indispensable to our lives.

                            (to be continued)



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